Double Wing High Performance Fish Surfboard

Double Wing High Performance Fish Surfboard

£ 525.00

Our Double Wing High Performance Fish Surfboard is your everyday shortboard surfboard with a focus on high-performance surfing. The outline offers a fuller and curvier template with its centre mark sitting slightly higher than standard. This board has a deeper single concave to maximise performance and a slightly flatter rocker to increase speed over those weak sections. It also features a wing into a pulled in swallow for ultimate performance in turns and hold in heavier surf should you venture into it. This board can handle a lot of gears and can be considered your daily driver. With 3 fin setup the flexibility to jump through thrusters or even twin plus trailer make this board a winner on Atlantic beaches. Twin fins for speed and thruster for control and performance.

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Double Wing High Performance Fish Surfboard

The Double Wing High Performance Fish Surfboard from Wild Atlantic Surfboard Company is your surfboard with a focus on high-performance surfing aimed at waves up to head high. As a fish template the lines draw in tighter than usual and performance is enhanced by the wing. This surfboard is all business at the front for paddling and party at the back with a narrower tail where you will find yourself placing your feet with ease. The transition from the fuller template into the narrower tail also gives you hold and drive when you need it whilst still being able to fly across flat sections. Fin set ups are thruster as standard though you could add 2 plus 1 Asher Pacey twin sets to loosen the tail or custom order as a quad. This board has a single to double concave generating as much lift as possible over fast sections. It can handle a lot of gears and can be considered your daily driver. With multi fin setup the flexibility to jump through quads, thrusters or even twin plus trailer make this board a winner on Atlantic beaches. Quad for speed and thruster for control and performance.

We wanted a high-performance modern fish surfboard and this board is one of the rock star performers in our quiver. A board that makes the surfer surf better, progress and enhance with confidence on the water is a key objective for our shapers.  In this surfboard we offer you high end speed, flexibility and diversity – yet it’s forgiving nature means it is adaptable to most conditions and will be the one board in your quiver you will love. Excellent additions to this board would be the performance shortboard, mini longboard or step up depending on your surfing goals.

A quiver must, made in PU for waves with punch so you can stay with the power of the wave and perform, this surfboard will improve your surfing. Choose the same dimensions as your regular surfboard or slightly bigger if you intend to go for bigger stronger surf. Fully customisable with tints and sprays.

Board HeightBoard WidthBoard ThicknessBoard Float
5’6"18’ 13/4"2 3/16"25.2
5’7"18’ 13/4"2 1/4"26.6
5’8"19"2 1/4"27.1
5’9"19’ 1/2"2 5/16"28.9
5’10"19’ 1/2"2 5/16"30
5’11"20"2 5/16"31.7
6’0"20"2 3/8"33.1
6’1"20"2 3/8"33.8
6’2"20 1/4"2 1/2"34.9
6’3"20 1/4"2 1/2"35.6
6’4"20 1/4"2 5/8"36.6
6’5"21"2 5/8"38.4

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 6 × 20.5 × 2.75 cm


  • Wild Atlantic Surfboards Model
  • Tested and ridden in Irish beach and reef breaks
  • Suitable for UK, EU and Atlantic Coastlines.
  • Outline: Full outline
  • Tail Shape: Pulled in swallow.
  • Concave:  Deep Single
  • Rocker: Relaxed throughout, small lift through tail
  • Rails: Medium to hard
  • Fin Set-Up: 3 fins, (fins not included)
  • Volume: High packed in under chest to offer the easiest entry to waves yet super responsive in pocket and speed.
  • FCS II  3 fin box / ride as quad or thruster.


Wild Atlantic Surfboard Construction

The Base Construction (a polyurethane blank with polyester resin) is still considered the most versatile and all-round performance specific construction used the world over by touring surf professionals. Our shapers use only premium materials when working on Wild Atlantic Surfboards and those materials are used to produce top-quality boards; US Blanks at the core in blue foam and Hexcel Glass for the laminate bonded with Silmar resin for best balance between weight, performance and durability. Each of our surfboard shapers lines are designed especially for surfing in Ireland and the Atlantic. They are tried and tested in some of the wildest and perfect surf you will find in any hemisphere. That said our boards will stand up across the world as high-performance adaptable quality surfboards. Each shaper on our lines contributed their individual twists and interpretations to provide the best surfboard possible for our conditions.

Wild Atlantic Surfboards are finished in 24/7 heat-controlled environments to ensure curing times are at optimum levels to reach a finish unrivalled in Europe. Our boards are sanded and finished to give a long-lasting new effect and are packed in eco-friendly flex hex reusable packaging. The average time for a custom surfboard order after discussions with our shaping team is 30 days after signing off on custom dimensions and deposits received. Custom surfboards are not refundable and once orders have been placed and due to the nature of customisation they cannot be refunded. We respect our shapers and the craft of surfboard shaping. Stock dimensions have been planned for best use with tried and tested reasoning on dimensions and volume, but we accept custom orders and you will find our shaping team more than happy to discuss making a board for your specific needs. If a surfboard dimension chosen is in stock, we will ship the board to you within 3-5 working days.


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